Fine Lines and Wrinkles Treatment: Options and Information

Laugh lines, elevens, crow’s feet, tech neck – we have many names for the natural creasing and wrinkles that come with aging! For some, these signs of aging are a major skin concern. The good news is that at the Interior Dermatology Centre of Kelowna, British Columbia, we offer a wide array of solutions to help smooth lines, freeze time, and give you the look you’re after.

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Say hello to smooth treatment options for wrinkles and fine lines!

Dr. Dianne Burrows is a board-certified dermatologist who specializes in the treatment (and prevention!) of fine lines and wrinkles. Various factors, including age, sun exposure, genetics, and lifestyle, cause skin creases. While harmless, they can cause us to look “angry” and feel older than we are. Our office has a few options to help eliminate fine lines and wrinkles.

Prevention is key!

Daily sunscreen, hydration, and a consistent skin care routine can go a long way in preventing the formation of unwanted fine lines and wrinkles. However, in their 20s and 30s, most people start to notice lines around the eyes, mouth, and forehead. Timely intervention is essential. When addressed early, treatments can halt the signs of aging and slow the progression of creasing quickly and easily. 

Are you ready to reduce unwanted fine lines and wrinkles?

If you have been considering plastic surgery to help turn back the hands of time, you may want to think again! Our team at Interior Dermatology Centre of Kelowna, British Columbia, offers non-invasive and non-surgical solutions to help you address fine lines and wrinkles once and for all! If you reside in the area, we invite you to call our office to request an appointment. Our practice is conveniently located at 3320 Richter Street, Suite #205, and can be reached by dialing (236) 361-3689.