Using PRP therapy for skin rejuvenation or hair fall treatment

Address hair loss, restore volume to your skin, and boost your complexion with platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP). This popular treatment is offered at the Interior Dermatology Centre of Kelowna, British Columbia, to deliver dramatic results with minimal downtime and discomfort. Revive the overall health of your skin by triggering and accelerating your body’s own healing mechanisms.

Rejuvenated skin, naturally

Platelet-rich plasma or PRP therapy uses your body’s regenerative capabilities to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin – the building blocks that make up the skin. A small vial of your blood will be drawn and then spun in a centrifuge to extract condensed platelet-rich plasma. This healing substance is then injected back into your body in targeted areas, stimulating your body’s natural healing response and rejuvenating both the skin and hair.

We offer this treatment for both hair loss and skin rejuvenation!

  • Hair loss. PRP injections revitalize scalp circulation to prevent hair loss and stimulate regrowth. Most patients have noticeable, sometimes dramatic results from anywhere between three to five sessions. 
  • Skin rejuvenation. Often referred to as a “vampire facial,” this skin treatment is a natural, safe, and effective way to tap into your body’s own fountain of youth! PRP injections for skin rejuvenation can address concerns such as sagging skin, hollowed features, volume loss, pigmentation, sun damage, large pore size, poor skin texture and tone, lines and wrinkles, and scarring.
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Learn more about skin rejuvenation and hair loss treatment with PRP injections!

Are you in Kelowna, BC, seeking modern solutions to common concerns such as hair loss and poor skin texture and tone? Are you ready to work with our team with years of experience helping patients with their skin and body needs? If this sounds like you, consider calling the Interior Dermatology Centre team to request an appointment. Our office is at 3320 Richter Street, Suite #205, and can be reached by telephone at (236) 361-3689. The practice serves patients in and around Penticton, West Kelowna, Vernon, Castlegar, Armstrong, Lake Country, Nelson, and Summerland, BC.

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PRP treatments are offered by many clinics and medispas – why book with a board-certified dermatologist? Dermatologists are trained physicians and true skin experts. Dermatologists have advanced medical training and knowledge, they have thousands of hours of training in skin, the muscles of the face, and how they all work together. Dermatologists will not only deliver exemplary aesthetic results, they know how to avoid risks and can respond quickly to complications.