Effective Treatment Options for Spider Veins and Angiomas

Men and women of all ages can experience visible blood vessels or benign growths made of blood vessels – often called spider veins or angiomas – on various parts of the body and face, including the nose, cheeks, chin, neck, and legs. While these damaged veins are usually harmless, there are options if you don’t like how they look. Our team at Interior Dermatology Centre of Kelowna, British Columbia, offers care and attention for these imperfections and can provide a wide selection of treatment choices designed to address veins and angiomas for our patients. Our board-certified dermatologists can educate you on the safe, affordable, and effective treatment of these concerns.

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Say Goodbye to Visible Veins with Our Team

Over time, blood vessels can become visible due to blood pooling beneath the skin, leading to the dilation of blood vessels or, in some cases, benign growths made of blood vessels. This pooling makes blood vessels more prominent just beneath the skin and, therefore, visible on the skin’s surface. Visible blood vessels and angiomas are common and have numerous causes, including family history, aging, sun damage, and injuries.

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